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Cybersecurity Services

The Threats are Real and the size of your business has little to do with you being at risk of an attack.    What would the impact to your business be if you lost access to all of your data for a day or week?  What would the impact be if you lost sensitive client data?   The cost of investigating a suspected breach costs far more than a years worth of data security protection and peace of mind.                                                       

Solutions our Clients Select Most Frequently

From planning and strategy to full service support, our experts have you covered.

Compliance is more than a check the box exercise.  Our Comprehensive Compliance Offering brings you the following:


- Onsite Assessment

- Customized Policies and Procedures

- Training and Awareness with Active Phishing Campaigns

- External ASV Scans

- Creation of a Detailed Remediation Plan

- Preparation of  Self-Assessment Questionnaire or Level 1 RoC

- 24x7 Security Overview

Customized Managed Security Services.  All security services are customized to meet the customers needs.

- Managed Firewalls

- Logging and Monitoring

- Vulnerability Management

- Managed Advanced Endpoint Threat Protection

- Change Management

- Continuous Monitoring of all systems in real time

- 24x7x365 Security Operations Centers

Managed Risk as a Service (MRaaS) is the newest offering by Security Validation | SecValMSP.  Security Validation's trained technicians will provide superior service as we address all help desk support calls from your place of business.  We handle all the support for desktops, servers, network devices and remote users while maintaining the integrity and security of confidential and private information.  Gone are the days when local unsophisticated break fix firms meet the needs of a growing business.  The intersection of support and security makes it imperative that you have highly trained and qualified people looking after your IT assets and securing your data and network environment.   Security Validation | SecValMSP has over 50 years of combined IT Network and Security Experience serving Hospitality, Legal, Medical and Accounting businesses.

Security Validation | SecValMSP is a full-service Data Security Firm.  As a Global Leader in Managed Security and Operational Support, we are recognized by our customers and partners as their cradle to grave solution experts.  Let us customize a support and security program that meets your needs.  We combine the best technologies with highly skilled technicians to tackle your support and security challeges.  The threat landscape is ever changing and the occurances of malware and ransomware are at all time highs! 

Do not leave your business or client data open to attack!

Security Validation | SecValMSP  we are "Your Trusted Advisors"

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