Payment Card Industry Advisory Services
PCI Compliance is a confusing if not daunting endeavor.  Entities that process, store and / or transmit cardholder data must be PCI Compliant.  The cost of being out of compliance is heavy and can cripple a small business.   Security Validation understands your business and the Information Security challenges you face.  Our team of security professionals are on call and ready to make the whole exercise painless.  Additionally Security Validation is with you all year long to advise you on your most pressing security related questions.
Security Validation has developed a Comprehensive Compliance Package for the Hospitality Industry.  As a client of Security Validation you have our expertise all year long!  We do not provide “point-in-time” assessments but instead work with your property all year long to raise the security posture of your operations.

Comprehensive Compliance Program - We visit each property and conduct our assessment live and onsite!
- Security Training and Awareness delivered to your entire staff via our hosted LMS
- Customized Policy’s, Processes and Procedures tailored to each property.
- In-depth technical review of all key systems (includes POS and PMS)
- Vulnerability Scanning of all Internal Systems
- Monthly scans of all your Internet facing devices (ASV Scans)
- Delivery of a complete Compliance workbook that includes all collected documentation
- Detailed Remediation Plan
- 24 Hour Help Desk Support for all Security Questions
- Preparation of your Self-Assessment Questionnaire 
Data Privacy Advisory Services
Your business may require that you collect personal information of your customers.  There are clear guidelines on how this personally identifiable information (PII) is handled and may be used.  Security Validation will help guide you in the handling, storage and disposition of consumers PII.
General Security Guidance
You know you need tighter control over your security functions but you cannot afford your own in house staff.  Security Validation will become your full time security staff for a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.  Receive periodic scans of your key internal and external assets. Receive regular updates on the latest vulnerabilities, hotfixes and security advisories.  We will even help you harden your systems and patch them so that you remain in compliance.  There is no better value and no better company to trust with your information security needs!