Vulnerability Assessments

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  • PCI Compliance
Vulnerability Assessments - Internal
Cornerstone to any compliance engagement is knowing where the vulnerabilities lie, what systems are out of patch and what hotfixes need to be applied to prevent the unauthorized access to your key systems.  As part of our Comprehensive Compliance Program, Security Validation does a deep dive Vulnerability Assessment of all the systems on property.  We then provide you with a detailed prioritized project plan that will guide you through the necessary remediation efforts.
Security Validation can also provide periodic scanning of your internal systems to validate and ensure your systems remain patched all year long.
Vulnerability Assessments - External (ASV)
Also part of our offering is monthly scans of all your externally facing IP Addresses.  The PCI Requirement is that each merchant produce four quarterly clean scans. Security Validation scans your assets monthly to help uncover any vulnerabilities providing enough lead time to cure the gaps prior to producing clean scans to your banks.