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Managed Services
Security Validation is a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) that specializes in delivering the technical expertise and security know-how required to keep your business secure. Our IT Managed Security Services team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give you peace of mind that your business is protected and remains in compliance with the PCI DSS.
How can our Managed Security Services help you stay secure?
  • Our solutions are managed by security professionsals who understand your business.
  • As your MSSP, we can function as your IT security staff by assisting with monitoring for important security events or alerts.
  • Meaningful and usable reporting to help raise the security posture of your business.
  • Because we sell security as a service, it’s affordable for your property. 
Managed Firewall Services
Security Validation's Managed Firewall service improves the overall security posture of your business by providing continuous monitoring and protection against outside threats. Simply by subscribing to the service, you add a solution and support team that:
- Firewalls are implemented for maximum security as well as straight-forward compliance with standards like PCI;
 -Updates and upgrades firewall firmware to protect against the latest threats;
- Remotely monitors all firewalls for alerts and unexpected events;
- Maintains firewall rules to keep pace with changes in your network;
- Delivers analysis on what’s happening in your network and whether you should be worried; and
- Provides a full lifetime hardware warranty with next-day advanced replacement.
Security Validation's Firewall service is an excellent solution for organizations with one, a handful or many distributed sites, as well as those with a lean IT team. The solution portal offers connectivity monitoring, historical usage and appliance stats, change management logs, VPN tunnel and latency monitoring, and more to provide real-time visibility into your business's state of security.